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Whey Protein Bar
Whey Protein Bar
Whey Protein Bar
Whey Protein Bar

Whey Protein Bar

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3 Key benefits  

Individually-wrapped for healthy, on-the-go energy
Natural protein promotes lean muscle growth
Four delicious flavors let you shake things up!

If you’re looking for an low calorie, on-the-go protein punch, our whey bars are going to be a real knockout! Easy to stow in a purse, lunch bag or gym kit, they’re perfectly suited for your fast-paced lifestyle. Jam-packed with 15g of protein per bar, they contribute to the maintenance of muscle and make a quick and easy meal replacement or healthy between-meals snack. 

We’ve dreamed up two formulas to support all of your various nutrition and fitness goals. The pre-workout bar comes loaded with fast-burning carbohydrates to give your fitness routine a little extra pop, while preventing blood sugar spikes. The post-workout bar is all of the same smooth protein ride without the hype, supporting recovery and stimulating lean muscle growth.

Eat this bar immediately after your workout to unleash the muscle-mending magic and recover like the majestic beast you are. Caution: Will make you less likely to complain about the pains of leg day in the morning.

Just like our Protein Powders, all of our bars are made with 100% Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder. Plus, we offer a variety of flavors, so nobody feels left out! Chocolate? Check. Caramel? You know it. You’re loco for coconut, or want to go nuts? We’ve got your flavor fix.